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'Finding peaceful and factual ways to oppose whale and dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands'

Often when people see their first picture of a grindadráp they react with horror, swiftly followed by disbelief and anger that this is still taking place in the 21st Century. It is therefore important to learn about the history and culture of whaling in the Faroe Islands. 


Faroe is a 'first world' Country with a high standard of living, comparable with and in some cases superior to other Nordic nations. Their level of unemployment is low and better than most European countries. Whale meat is no longer necessary for survival thanks to a wide variety of imported goods which are available in local supermarkets.


We are becoming increasingly aware of the massive intelligence of all cetaceans (the collective name for dolphins, whales and porpoises). Dolphins and whales live and love as we do, with complex family and social bonds. 


As a group we like to push boundaries and engage in open dialogue in our Facebook group with people from both sides of the coin in order to understand the key drivers for change. Our vision is to be peaceful and factual by speaking and debating respectfully - without any aggression.


For those of us who come from an anti whaling stance, who have been brought up and taught to protect whales and dolphins, it is important to understand this situation on a deeper level rather than just black and white. Please visit our other pages to find out more about our actions and how our thinking has progressed around this issue, through our years of dialogue and friendship since 2014.


What should not be forgotten is that there is currently no country exempt from animal harm, taking a closer look at our own lifestyle choices and farming practices in our own countries is also important for perspective...


In the words of one local Faroese man, "We should thank the whales for all they have given us, and move on..."


*Further information on the background of the grindadráp (Pilot whale hunt) can be found on the 'History' tab at the top of  our page.

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