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'Finding peaceful and factual ways to oppose whale and dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands.'

Faroe Whales Action Group is dedicated to finding meaningful ways to speak out against the annual slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands, known as the grindadráp or 'grind'.


Often when people see their first picture of a grindadráp they react with horror, swiftly followed by disbelief and anger that this is still taking place in the 21st Century. It is therefore important to learn about the history and culture of whaling in the Faroe Islands. Further information on the background of the grindadráp can be found on the 'History' tab at the top of your screen.


The Faroese people currently enjoy a very high standard of living, comparable with and in some cases superior to other Nordic nations. Their level of unemployment currently stands at only 3.2%, which is better than most European countries. Whale meat is no longer necessary for survival thanks to a wide variety of imported goods which are readily available in local supermarkets.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the massive intelligence of all cetaceans (the collective name for dolphins, whales and porpoises) and the scientific evidence which documents the emotional and physical suffering inflicted by current hunting and kiling methods. Dolphins and whales live and love as we do, with complex family and social bonds. The implications of treating such highly intelligent and altruistic mammals, with minds and societies so similar to our own, as resources simply to be harvested has far-reaching implications and is no longer appropriate in the modern age. We believe the grindadráp should be abolished, in the same way that capital punishment and slavery have already been consigned to the pages of our history books.

Faroe Whales Action Group is committed to making action from the outside of Faroe, without directly targeting Faroe. We also look to Denmark to take ownership of their responsibility in this matter through the 13% economic subsidies they provide annually to the Faroe Islands, which are officially a self-governing region of Denmark.


As a group we like to push boundaries and engage in dialogue with parties from both sides of the coin in order to understand the key drivers for change. Our vision is to be peaceful and factual by speaking and debating respectfully - without any aggression, prejudice or racism toward the Faroese people.



In the words of one local Faroese man, "We should thank the whales for all they have given us, and move on..."



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